Do More with PageLines DMS

Do More with PageLines DMS

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DMS is here -

The Story Behind PageLines DMS

PageLines DMS or Design Management System is the latest offering from PageLines for WordPress.  I am so stoked to be able to share details with you about it.  For the last few months many PageLines developers have been required to maintain the utmost of secrecy around the details of PageLines DMS and its revolutionary way of bring web design to the masses.  Now we can speak!  And I for one, am super excited to do so.

pagelines dmsThe idea behind PageLines DMS is to bring much more flexibility and control to the front end of website design.  What that means is that instead of having to do everything from content creation to image placement to layout choices in a theme options panel, you can now do it right on your website.  If you can picture it, now you can create it with little to no coding experience necessary (although it helps).

Maintaining it’s responsive roots, PageLines DMS allows users to manipulate a grid based layout with ease.  Creating multiple columns in one area or full width sections in another area are all now a matter of picking the look you want, dragging it onto your page and watching while PageLines DMS does its magic, generating the right code (and nothing more) and placing your content right where you want it.  With its intuitive front-end text support, you no longer need to rely on WordPress’ text editor, you can add and edit text right on your page.  Add styles, change alignment and even animate your content without looking at a single line of code.

Can you tell we’re excited about it?  One of the great things about PageLines DMS is that the base version is now open-sourced and available for free.  Where access to a system like this used to be restricted to paid users, in a move designed to totally disrupt and change the nature of the game, PageLines has decided to open source PageLines DMS.  Paid plans will be available to add extra options and features, but the core of PageLines DMS will be free forever.

We could go on and on about PageLines DMS but here’s a video that tells you a little more of what DMS is all about.

The Future Is Bright For PageLines DMS

All in all, we’re expecting the launch of PageLines DMS to revolutionize the market and we don’t say that lightly.  We’re excited about the direction that PageLines is going and the number of new people who are going to be able to create amazing websites, some for the first time.  Here are a few of the features that we think will make PageLines DMS stand out amongst the crowd:

  1. The most advanced drag and drop interface ever created (imho).
  2. Well designed core sections built right in.
  3. Easy to install child themes that look EXACTLY like the demo.
  4. A free version that will get anyone designing in no time.
  5. Great Options API and Sections API for the developers among us.
  6. Design using LESS and watch it compile on the fly (for the designers among us).

PageLines DMS officially launches on July 24th so be sure to check out and sign up to be a part of the next wave of web design.

  • Mike Johnson

    Good stuff James! Can’t wait til DMS drops.

    • James Giroux

      It’s dropping soon Mike, only a day away!

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  • Ümit Kuzoluk

    Hey James. I have a question to the new DMS.
    Is it also possible to export a theme? Cause, I allways build a website for a customer (the design) and don’t change it. Just change the content.
    Thank you in advance.

    • James Giroux

      Hey Ümit, thanks for the question. The answer is yes! This site, was built locally and then exported as a theme and uploaded onto our public server. This is one of the many GREAT features of DMS. It’s easy to do, you can check out on how to import a child theme. This is geared around the store BUT you can apply it to any child theme you create.

      • Ümit Kuzoluk

        Thank you!

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