PageLines DMS First Impressions

PageLines DMS First Impressions

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Let me be the first to say this, I’m not a professional designer. By trade I’m a systems/network administrator. I’m the guy who keeps everything running and I generally leave the coding and pretty parts to others. With that being said, I have a better than average understanding of computer systems and can generally figure most things out. If I don’t know the answer -happens quite often-I can generally find it somewhere. Much like any other professional, when I get home I generally don’t want to spend my free time doing what I do at work, I want to pursue some of my other interests. One of which is setting up websites for fun and profit!

I came to the WordPress world quite by a happy accident and my only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier, it certainly would have changed how I did a lot of things very early on. Bygones and all that. I’m also a very visual person. I think most men are to a certain degree (hence the popularity of porn) but if I can SEE something I can usually figure it out. Now one of the things about WordPress themes is that you generally still do a lot of coding type work on the back end. HTML and CSS aren’t considered coding per se by the C# or Python wrangler but lets face it, if you have to type some arcane spells and hope it translates to the images in your head, well, you’re coding.  Yet I digress. So, being a visual type, I’ve often struggled with having to use CSS to get my WordPress sites to look exactly the way I want them to.

After all, you generally don’t see a theme. What you see is some CSS and other random bits in the admin panel and hope for the best. Tweak it some more and change it around again. That’s what we’ve done since the very early days of the web. Until now. Welcome to PageLines DMS my friend. At the risk of dating myself, I remember using the old WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs like FrontPage. The comparison is apt to a certain degree. PageLines DMS puts you right on the page where you can manipulate things directly. However, under the hood you are generating nice clean compliant code. Once you turn off the editor, like your visitors will see it, your site will load fine.

PageLines DMS

PageLines DMS -

My first impression of PageLines DMS is that this is really going to open up the ability for people to get that look and feel they want with less effort than ever before. I’m not saying they are going to design beautiful sites, lets face it, someone once thought spinning flaming skulls were awesome, but they will be able to realize their vision more quickly and easier than ever before. A good example from me is one of my sites, a “How To” that I’ve struggled to give the look I want. Surely you’ve been there, you know that you want the nav bar here and the slider there and this widget over there but then spend the next 2 days trying to get everything laid out correctly. No? Just me? Regardless,PageLines DMS makes it so much easier as you can just move stuff around until it looks like you want it to. Hopefully you have some design sense.

Well back to tweaking my site! I have some family and church obligations over the next day but plan on having my site ready to show off sometime in the next day or so.

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  • Tung

    I had a different experience testing Pagelines. I’m a theme developer so I consider a pretty savvy user, but for some reason I could not figure out how to do something as simple as adding a logo to the header via DMS, even after 30 minutes.

    I do like the live canvas/browser editing aspect of it, but the Pagelines team should work on making it more intuitive.

    • James Giroux

      Hey Tung, thanks for the comment. The PageLines front end takes a little getting used to. The page has global sections called Header, Template and Footer. In order to get your logo in the header, drag a mediabox section toward the top of the page and make sure that its ‘inside’ the header area. Then, in the options panel, make sure you have it on ‘global settings’ and not ‘local settings’. That’s caught me a few times too. Thanks again for your comment, I hope that helps.

  • Peter Luit

    Well, I just came here by accident. All the nice talks of DMS do stand in the deep shadow of how the PageLines team is putting this new product in the market. They act as if they are Apple (look at their presentation movies, very well done) but in fact it is just a small company, changing rapidly their products, website, services and business models. Nothing wrong with that in the first place. We live in a rapid moving world. But they did not learn form the huge mistakes they made when they ‘left’ Platform Pro in favor of the pageLines Framework. Same mistakes, too much in too little time. OK, it was a job to get things done around PageLines Framework and finally they fixed all things. But why do they make such a choice again with the step to DMS? Indeed PageLines is not Apple and they should not even try to look at it. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of excellent theme developers out there, doing a great job and offering so much flexibility in designs. Non of them would make such mistakes. Drag&Drop is not new, but OK DMS might offer additional functionality. Fine, but why not introducing this as a new extra product and leave the rest as it is, maybe even smaller updates for older existing products. But leaving the ‘old’ thing completely behind…..? I would not make such a choice. Even Apple would not ;-).

    So PageLines will do the job again and within 2 months everything will be fine. They lost some customers, they made some new. But the client loyalty has done its damage already in the past couple of days. And yes, that will be indexed by not in the least Google. I would have made other choices if I were Andrew.

  • dwiut

    I have try DMS and trying open editor in latest chrom. in windows 8. Panel editor at bottom shown but I cannot click any item in each tab because its shown nothing. I don’t know why? Sometimes blog elements scattered.
    Sorry bad english.

    • James Giroux

      Best place to get some help is on the PageLines forum. Sorry it’s giving you some trouble.

      • dwiut

        yes, I know some thread has solution for the same problem, but I still can’t apply it

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